Saturday, October 27, 2012

10/27 - The Sports Saloon: Alex Carter, Stanford CB

Patrick headed to the Farm this week in Palo Alto for a chat with Freshman starting cornerback, ALEX CARTER of the Stanford Cardinal

10/27 - The Sports Saloon: Anthony Davis, 49ers OT

Patrick talks with ANTHONY DAVIS, Offensive Tackle of the SF 49ers about their dominant running game and the big Monday Night match up with the Arizona Cardinals

10/27 - The Sports Saloon: Ted Robinson, 49ers Radio Voice

Patrick talks with TED ROBINSON, voice of the SF 49ers and also a Norte Dame Alumni about Niners @ Cardinals on Monday Night Football and the huge games on the NCAA schedule

10/27 - The Sports Saloon: Steve Harwell, Smashmouth

Patrick has a great roundtable discussion with Smash Mouth lead singer, STEVE HARWELL, our band director of the Clam Magnets, TONY FIDONI and DON TEAGUE, a member of the 1986 San Jose State Spartans who will be honored at half time today

Saturday, October 20, 2012

10/20 - The Sports Saloon: Matt Davison, Nebraksa Radio

Patrick chats Big 10 with MATT DAVISON, of Nebraska radio. Davison also had a storied career as a receiver for the Corn Huskers as well.

10/20 - The Sports Saloon: Steve Williams, Cal Cornerback

Patrick hit up Berkeley this week to talk with STEVE WILLIAMS, Cal cornerback, about the Big Game with Stanford this Saturday

10/20 - The Sports Saloon: Mike Dotterer, Stanford Sports Legend

Patrick warms up for the Big Game between Cal & Stanford with MIKE DOTTERER, Stanford's legendary two sport standout

10/20 - The Sports Saloon: Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger, Norte Dame Legend

Patrick spends some time with DANIEL "RUDY" RUETTIGER, Norte Dame legend, who fills us in on his new book, "My Story". The movie "Rudy" was based on his underdog story at Norte Dame.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

10/13 - The Sports Saloon: Pat Lee, Raiders Cornerback

Patrick talks Silver & Black with PAT LEE, cornerback for the Oakland Raiders

10/13 - The Sports Saloon: Chuckie Keeton, Utah State Quarterback

Patrick chats with Sophomore QB, CHUCKIE KEETON of the Utah State Aggies who face San Jose State on 10/13

10/13 - The Sports Saloon: John Heisman, Author

Patrick talks with JOHN HEISMAN, namesake of the coveted trophy about his new book "HEISMAN, The Man Behind the Trophy". A must read for any NCAA Football fan.

10/13 - The Sports Saloon: C.J. Anderson, Cal Tailback

Patrick headed to Berkeley this week to chat with CJ ANDERSON, a member of Cal's very talented backfield.

10/13 - The Sports Saloon: Ben Gardner, Stanford Defensive End

Patrick chats with BEN GARDNER, dominant Defensive End for the Stanford Cardinal about the big game coming up at Norte Dame