Saturday, November 24, 2012

11/24 - The Sports Saloon: Sonny Dykes, Louisiana Tech Head Coach

Patrick chats with LA Tech Head Coach, SONNY DYKES about their big matchup down at San Jose State tonight

11/24 - The Sports Saloon: Don Shindle, CFL Grey Cup Insider

Pcon chats about the 100th Grey Cup with DON SHINDLE

11/24 - The Sports Saloon: Matt Barrows, 49ers Insider

Patrick checks in with MATT BARROWS, KNBR 49ers Insider down in New Orleans to preview 49ers @ Saints tomorrow

10/24 - The Sports Saloon: Lee Jamison, Former Oregon State Tackle

Patrick chats Civil War, Oregon vs Oregon State with OSU alumni and former Offensive Tackle, LEE JAMISON

11/24 - The Sports Saloon: Gene Bleymaier, SJSU Athletic Director

Patrick talks with GENE BLEYMAIER, Athletic Director at San Jose St. University about the huge turnaround in Spartan football the past few seasons

11/24 - The Sports Saloon: Jordan Williamson, Stanford Kicker

Patrick chats with Stanford Cardinal Kicker, JORDAN WILLIAMSON about life on the Farm in Palo Alto