Saturday, September 22, 2012

09/22 - The Sports Saloon: Tim McDonald, 49ers legend/Fresno St DB Coach

Patrick chats with TIM MCDONALD, who was a 6 time All Pro and a Super Bowl Champion about his current role of DB Coach for the Fresno State Bulldog's

09/22 - The Sports Saloon: Mark Uyeyama, 49ers Strength and Conditioning Coach

Patrick talks with the man who helps bulk up the 49ers, MARK UYEYAMA, Strength and Conditioning Coach

09/22 - The Sports Saloon: Gene Deckerhoff, Tampa Bay Bucs/Florida State PXP voice

Patrick talks with GENE DECKERHOFF who is the voice of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Florida State Seminoles about the Clemson vs Florida State match-up later today

09/22 - The Sports Saloon: Fred Guidici, San Jose State Asst. Coach

Patrick chats with Special Teams/Running Backs FRED GUIDICI about the much improved program at San Jose State.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

09/15 - The Sports Saloon: T.J. McDonald, USC Safety

3Patrick talks with second generation USC Trojan T.J. McDonald about the huge expectations in Southern Cal this year

09/15 - The Sports Saloon: David Yankey, Stanford O-Line

P Con spent a few minutes with DAVID YANKEY, one of the big boys on Stanford's Offensive Line

09/15 - The Sports Saloon: Owen Schmitt, Raiders Fullback

Patrick headed to the Raiders practice this week and spent some time with Fullback OWEN SCHMITT who is known for bloodying his OWN head before a game!

09/15 - The Sports Saloon: Isi Sofele, Cal Running Back

Patrick headed to Berkeley to chat with Cal Running Back ISI SOFELE about what his expectations for the season are